Onsite Wheelchair Van Demonstrations

Van Products is proud to offer quality wheelchair van products as well as commercial transit products and accessories. There is nothing more important to us than being able to offer quality products and services to those individuals, families and businesses who are in need of better mobility options.  

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Onsite Wheelchair Van Demos: Bringing Wheelchair Vans and Convenience to Your Doorstep

At Van Products, we recognize both the physical limitations as well as the anxiety that some of our customers have when it comes to selecting a wheelchair van. You want to actually see how the wheelchair van will fit into your everyday life, from the moment you exit your home to the moment you return. A similar comparison could be made to commercial transit vans, which need to work flawlessly from business to business. 

Other customers simply want to see our wheelchair vans in person but, perhaps, cannot find the transportation means to come out and visit one of our two storefront locations. 

This is why we offer onsite mobility demonstrations and onsite wheelchair van demos. That’s right; we’ll bring our wheelchair vans to you. It’s all a part of Van Products’ commitment to its customers to provide outstanding customer service. We know the quality of our wheelchair vans, commercial transit vans and other mobility accessories, and we would welcome the opportunity to share this knowledge with you. 

Commercial Transit Demos: We’ll Come to You!

Interested in seeing how one of our commercial transit vans work? Van Products mobility specialists are more than happy to bring a demo vehicle to your facility at a time that is convenient to you and your staff. 

Purchasing a commercial transit van that your entire staff will have access to? We are also happy to provide complete staff instruction on how to properly transport your patients and residents in either your company’s transit van, or in one of our demo vans. Hiring one of our qualified mobility specialists to demo one of our commercial transit vans is perhaps the most effective method for ensuring that you are able to safely operate a commercial transit van. It also ensures the safety of any other passengers! 

Finally, when we perform onsite demonstrations of our mobility products and accessories, Van Products will also perform a complete inspection of your vehicle fleet. Afterwards, we'll recommend any changes to help you keep your commercial transit vehicle safe and reliable. 

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