It is important to have all the correct measurements for your wheelchair when in the process of selecting a wheelchair van or lift.

Each van and lift system is unique. Knowing the height and width measurements of your wheelchair affects the type of ramp, lift or adaptive equipment you select.

At Van Products we work directly with you to find the customized measurements needed before purchase to ensure your selection is the absolute best option.

Your purchase will be customized for the particular make and model of your wheelchair based off these measurements. Some of which include door height, ramp width, lift capacities, wheelchair tie-down locations and the seating position inside the van. 

Additional measurements may be needed for larger individuals or power wheelchair models and their perspective weights. As mobility consultants, we review all of these details directly with you in order to best determine which wheelchair van and lift is the most appropriate fit for your specific needs.

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There are different sets of measurements for wheelchair vans and lifts. The door height must be compatible with the person seated in the wheelchair for safety and comfort. The ramp and lift width must accommodate these factors in order to enable the wheelchair to properly enter and exit the vehicle. Therefore, the combined capacity of both the person and the wheelchair needs to be accounted for to ensure they are supported.

When purchasing a wheelchair van, customers must choose whether they prefer a seat belt type of restraint (belt strap) or a docking securement. Determining the position of the person inside the van will dictate how many tie-points will be needed as well as confirm that the measurements of the space inside is enough for the person to easily maneuver, rotate, and turn the chair.

Lastly, traveling with other passengers are factors also taken into account in order to guarantee their positioning is safe and comfortable.

As expert mobility consultants, our team at Van Products will go through all of these factors and important steps needed to provide you with the wheelchair van best suited for your specific needs.

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