MPD/Veigel Hand Controls

Van Products prides itself on offering consumers high quality mobility products and accessories, handicap vans and more from reputable manufacturers. This is why we're pleased to offer hand controls from Mobility Products and Design (MPD) and Veigel Rehamotive.

Mobility Products and Design (MPD)

Mobility Products and Design (MPD) manufactures a full line of hand controls and other mobility driving aids for drivers who are faced with physical disabilities or mobility challenges.

From mechanical hand controls to foot pedal extenders and more, MPD offers a number of accessibility options.

Some of the hand control driving aids offered by MPD include:

  • Knob Grip Offset Handle | Classic 3500KX
  • Foam Grip Offset Handle | 3500F Hand Control Foam Grip Offset Handle
  • Knob Grip Straight Handle | 3500K Hand Control Knob Grip Straight Handle
  • Straight Handle with Wrist Support | 3502WHD with Wrist Support
  • Padded Tri-Pin Hand Control | 3502TW with Wrist Support and Tri-Pin
  • Knob Grip Straight Handle | 3400K Hand Control Knob Grip Straight Handle
  • Hand Control | Knob Grip Straight Handle 3500K
  • And more

Veigel Rehamotive

Veigel Rehamotive offers high quality hand controls coupled with some of the most advanced designs available for accessing the vehicle accelerator and brake without the use of lower extremities.

Some of the Veigel hand controls include:

  • 3300 Push Rock
  • Detroit Push Rock
  • 3400 Push Pull
  • Detroit Push Right Angle
  • 3500 Push Right Angle
  • Detroit Push Pull
  • 3700 Push Pull Quad Control
  • 4120 Classic II
  • 4220 Compact II
  • 4300 Basic

If you're looking for hand controls from MPD or Veigel, look no further than Van Products. We proudly carry hand controls from both of these manufacturers, and we'll be glad to help you pick the hand control that is best for your wheelhair accessible vehicle.

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