Automotive Seating for Disabled Drivers

At Van Products, we are industry experts in providing practical, affordable solutions for all your mobility needs, whether it is in your home, your workplace, or your vehicle. 

Innovation Meets Mobility with Automotive Seating

For many people, a considerable amount of time is spent commuting back and forth from work to home, home to school, or other miscellaneous places to run errands, etc.

However, if you are handicapped or temporarily disabled, getting into and out of your vehicle can prove to be extremely challenging, especially as most vehicles are not built to accommodate those with mobility issues.

At Van Products, we specialize in providing automotive seating solutions, customized to help you get into and out of your vehicle in the safest, most efficient way possible. We care about our customers, which is why we offer a variety of automotive seating options with you in mind. 

Customizable Options for Automotive Seating

Having to deal with mobility issues can be stressful and complicated at times. However, this doesn't mean that your options have to be. Van Products offers two base options that can be customized to fit your specific needs.

Transfer Seat Base  

The transfer seat base allows easier access to the driver or front passenger seats of your wheelchair accessible van. Transfer seat bases provide 180 rotation for seamless transfer. They can be adjusted to any position to maximize comfort while driving or riding.

Turning Automotive Seating

Turning Automotive seats are a great way to make entering and exiting your vehicle quicker and more comfortable. These seats swivel to face out so you can easily sit down and then swivel back to the standard position for the driver or passenger seats. Turning automotive Seats are ideal for many people because they can be added and removed without changing the value of your vehicle.

Van Products also offers their own advanced version of a transfer seat base called the Turny Evo. The Turny Evo makes entering and exiting tall vehicles a breeze. The motorized seat will rotate and exit the vehicle, lowering to your specified height. You can then transfer on to the seat and be lifted into the vehicle. This is a great solution for someone in a wheelchair or anyone with difficulties entering or exiting tall vehicles. When you buy from Van Products, we can help you install and adjust your Turny Evo until it’s just right for you.   

Take a look at some of the reasons customers choose our automotive seating products time and again:

  • Seamless Entry/Exit: Entering and exiting your vehicle is easier than ever.

  • Power control: Our automotive seating comes with simple power control at just the push of a button.

  • Safe: Safety is our top priority with every automotive seating option that we offer. All of our automotive seating comes with a seat belt and complies with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

  • Modifications: We offer customizable automotive seating options that do not necessarily require that your vehicle be permanently modified in any way- meaning that it will not affect the resale value!

  • Flexibility: Whether you are the driver or passenger, we provide seating options that work on either side of your vehicle.

  • Installation: We provide safe, professional installation of our automotive seats by factory-trained individuals.

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