Ricon Wheelchair Lifts

Van Products knows the value and importance of independent movement, which is why we use Ricon Wheelchair Lifts for improved mobility. 

Better Mobility with Ricon Wheelchair Lifts

At Van Products, our customers trust us with their mobility needs because they realize that we only use the best mobility products that the industry has to offer. Regardless of your disability or mobility needs, there is a Ricon Wheelchair Lift for you. 

Take a look at each of the descriptions below, and learn more information about the benefits of Ricon Wheelchair Lifts!

Ricon Wheelchair white vanKlearVue Wheelchair Lift

The new KlearVue™ wheelchair lift from Ricon is the only wheelchair lift with a unique “fold-in-half” design. When the KlearVue™ lift is stowed, it provides an unobstructed view for the driver, helping to eliminate hazardous blind spots. It also allows a clear view for the passengers, and is virtually unseen from outside. 

Because the Klearvue™ platform folds when stowed, a raised-roof modification for your personal vehicle is not required –- even when a long platform is necessary for larger wheelchairs and power scooters. Quiet and easy-to-maintain, the Klearvue™ is a great option when it comes to Ricon wheelchair lifts. 

Ricon wheelchair van parkingClearway Wheelchair Lift

The patented Clearway™ wheelchair lift from Ricon gives new meaning to the term "accessibility". The Clearway's™ fully automatic split platform folds up and out of the way at the push of a button, leaving the doorway clear. 

The Clearway'’s™ strong steel frame and powerful hydraulic pump ensure a fast, secure means of entry and exit. When you add Ricon power door operators and remote controls, your Clearway™ wheelchair lift can provide additional, independent operation inside of your personal vehicle.

Your entire family will find the Clearway™ wheelchair lift convenient and easy to operate.

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