Hand Control Systems

Hand control systems are designed to allow a disabled driver to manipulate the brake and gas pedals using a specially designed lever. These types of levers are typically mounted just below the steering wheel.  

hand control inside car
Quality Hand Controls for Your Wheelchair Van
Hand control systems are just one of the many quality mobility products that Van Products offers.  Our hand control systems are designed to have the highest levels of user-friendliness, ease of operation, and safety. They also do not interfere with standard driving. No adjustment of the system is required to allow standard drivers to be able to operate the vehicle. 

As time passes and technology continues to advance, so does the chance for people with disabilities to operate wheelchair vans with mobility products, such as hand controls. Hand controls allow the driver to operate a vehicle with minimal physical effort while maintaining full and complete control at all times. Depending on the mobility challenge, adaptive devices and mobility products, like hand controls, may be modified to suit the specific needs of the user. 

At Van Products, we understand the mobility needs of our consumers, and we strive to provide quality products and services as a result. Contact us today, and let one of our mobility specialists help you find the right kind of hand controls for your wheelchair van (or other handicap vehicle)!


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