Mobility Products

At Van Products, we offer a variety of mobility products to accommodate handicap vans, your home, or your workplace. Some of these mobility products are listed below. If you have a question or concern about anything we carry - or if you have a question about something that is not listed on our website, please give us a call at one of our two locations, listed at the end of this page. 

hand controls hand controls

Hand control systems allow drivers to manipulate the brake and gas pedals using a specially designed lever that is (usually) mounted just below the steering wheel. The hand control systems that we install are designed to have the highest levels of user-friendliness, ease of operation, and safety.

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Wheelchair Tie Downs Wheelchair Tie Downs

When traveling by vehicle in your wheelchair, wheelchair tie downs are not only important; they are an essential component to ensure your safe transportation. At Van Products, we carry a varied assortment of wheelchair tie downs as well as wheelchair securement accessories and products.

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Automotive Seating Automotive Seating

Most of us spend a considerable amount of time commuting back and forth, from work to home, home to school, or other places. Don’t let your physical disability interrupt your routine. With Van Products’ handicap automotive seating, we make getting into and out of your handicap van easier, especially as most vehicles are not built to accommodate those with mobility issues.

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Stair Lifts Stair Lifts

Sometimes referred to as 'stair climbers', stair lifts provide an affordable, well-suited solution to those who have mobility issues with stairs. Stair lifts are easily customized and provide a comfortable, safe means of helping you move seamlessly throughout your living space.

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Wheelchair Lifts and Scooter Lifts Wheelchair Lifts and Scooter Lifts

Wheelchair lifts and scooter lifts are designed to assist you when traveling by car with your wheelchair or scooter in tow. Today, there are a wide variety of makes and models to choose from, ranging from mechanical solutions to fully-integrated system

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Wheelchair platform lifts Wheelchair platform lifts

Sometimes referred to as ‘porch lifts’, wheelchair platform lifts and wheelchair ramps allow you easy floor-to-floor access within your home or efficient access to a raised patio, deck, porch or other elevated surface.

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Wheelchair Ramps Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchair ramps make it easy for wheelchair (and scooter) users to get into and out of a vehicle. Van Products is proud to offer several different styles of wheelchair ramps, complete with unique features.

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additional products additional products

Van Products offers more mobility options than ever. Learn more about our backup camera systems, and choose accessibility features customized to fit your mobility needs. Our certified mobility experts are here to help!

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Why Choose Van Products infographic chart


While there may be other used handicap van sales companies in the area or online, Van Products has a lot more vehicles, which gives you more options and choices in color, entry, features and other customizations to get the handicap van that is JUST right for you!


Van Products makes getting into and out of your handicap van easier with more entry options than ever. From specific accessibility features to other types of customized options, our certified technicians can customize your van to suit your mobility needs.


At Van Products, we have our own parts department - meaning that if you ever need accessibility parts (or other specific parts) for your vehicle, we’ll get the issue fixed right here and quickly. We carry most parts and/or can have items in stock the same day.

If you choose not to buy from Van Products, you could be waiting days or weeks for a part to ship in - all the while not being able to use your vehicle the way you want.


Unlike other competitors, Van Products employs certified, trained technicians in house, local and on location. Have confidence that your vehicle and your safety are in good hands!


Regardless of your mobility needs, Van Products has you covered. We are a one-stop-shop for everything related to vehicles, including handicap van rentals if needed to ensure you have your freedom of mobility at all times. 

All Other Mobility Needs Locally and Convenient at Van Products

In addition to vehicles, Van Products has you covered - from handicap chairs to scooters, to ramps and stairlifts - we have everything you need for better mobility all in one place.

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