Wheelchair Ramps for Handicap Vans

Van Products is proud to offer high quality wheelchair ramps for your handicap van. Choose from side-entryrear-entry or manual-entry ramps. Below is a brief explanation of the different types of wheelchair ramps and their features. For additional information on wheelchair ramps for your handicap van, contact one of our mobility specialists today!

wheelchair ramps

Types of Wheelchair Ramps

There are three main types of wheelchair ramps:

  • Side-entry wheelchair ramps
  • Rear-entry wheelchair ramps
  • Manual-entry wheelchair ramps

Each type of wheelchair ramp offers numerous advantages to wheelchair users for different reasons. One of the most important decisions that you (or a loved one) will make when purchasing a handicap van is whether or not to opt for a side-entry wheelchair ramp or rear-entry wheelchair ramp. 

Depending on what you select, your decision will have an impact on how and where the wheelchair user sits as well as your ability to comfortably accommodate other passengers and storage. Below is  a brief description of each of the wheelchair ramps.

Side-Entry Wheelchair Ramps

As the name suggests, side-entry wheelchair ramps are positioned on the side of the wheelchair van and allow passengers to enter and exit safely from the side. This is beneficial as it allows extra room for maneuvering while still allowing space within the rear of the van for storage or additional passengers.

Wheelchair users can easily use the side-entry wheelchair ramp to enter the van and sit in the front as a driver or passenger.

Rear-Entry Wheelchair Ramps

Rear-entry wheelchair ramps are located towards the rear or back of your wheelchair van. One of the biggest advantages to a rear-entry wheelchair ramp is that it allows you to park your wheelchair van without having to consider extra space for getting in and out (with the exception of parallel parking).

Rear-entry handicap vans typically offer plenty of ground clearance and the rear of the vehicle is slightly elevated. For those who are more budget conscious, vans with rear-entry wheelchair ramps are typically less expensive to convert.

Manual-Entry Wheelchair Ramps

While rear-entry and side-entry wheelchair ramps are the most popular types of ramps, manual wheelchair ramps are another great option. These types of ramps lack automation and are usually less expensive while still being easy to maintain.

Manual wheelchair ramps are ideal for wheelchair users who always travel with a companion as assistance is needed to raise or lower the ramp.

Wheelchair Ramp Conversion Features

After deciding which type of wheelchair ramp is best suited to your mobility needs, the next consideration is whether you prefer an in-floor ramp or a fold-out ramp. 

Fold-Out Ramps

The fold-out ramp is the most common type of conversion feature used today. Depending on the brand, this type of ramp can be manually operated or automated.

When not it’s not in use, fold-out ramps fold in half and are stowed upright within the van (usually next to the side passenger door).

In-Floor Ramps

In-floor ramps are stored in the floor (under the van). The benefit is that this ramp is ‘out of sight- out of mind’ – allowing passengers who are not in wheelchairs to enter and exit the vehicle without the ramp being in the way.

In-floor ramps can be automated or manual.

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