Manual Wheelchair Van Ramps

Manual wheelchair van ramps play a critical role when purchasing or using a handicap van because they allow wheelchair users to easily gain access to the interior of their wheelchair van.

We offer manual wheelchair van ramps for the following makes/models of wheelchair vans:

  • Dodge
  • Chrysler
  • Honda
  • Toyota

Choose between rear-entry manual wheelchair van ramps or opt for side-entry manual wheelchair van ramps. Each is beneficial to wheelchair and scooter users in different ways.


Rear Entry Manual Wheelchair Van Ramps

Rear-entry manual wheelchair van ramps allow wheelchair users to easily access their handicap van via the rear door. This makes it easier when you are parked at shopping centers or other areas where there is standard parking or where handicap accessible parking is unavailable.

Speak to one of our mobility specialists about the style of manual wheelchair van ramps we have available. For example, you may choose a manual bi-fold wheelchair van ramp, or opt for a manual in-floor wheelchair van ramp.

We'll review your options with you to help you make the most informed decision.

Side Entry Manual Wheelchair Van Ramps

Side entry ramps are a great solution for situations where there is parallel parking or where there would not be enough clearance to enter or exit your handicap from the rear door.

Side-entry manual wheelchair van ramps allow wheelchair users to safely enter and exit their wheelchair van on a curb, away from traffic. Having a side-entry wheelchair van ramp can also allow for easy maneuverability into the driver's position or front passenger position while allowing extra storage space in the rear of the van.

Wheelchair users and caregivers have the option for manual in-floor wheelchair van ramps or manual fold out ramps with the side entry wheelchair vans.

Our mobility specialists can go over the details of each of these manual wheelchair van ramps to help you make the best decision based on your individual mobility needs.

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