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Organize Your Walk-In Van

There’s a lot of space in a walk-in van, and without a framework for organization, it can become very messy, very quickly. Adrian Steel has the shelving and modules you need to get your tools and equipment off the floor. Take a look at all we have to offer to help you organize your walk-in van.

Adjustable Shelving

Manage inventory more efficiently by storing your cargo on divided, adjustable shelves. Add a door kit to convert shelves into secure, lockable cabinets.

Drawer Modules and Floor Drawers

Keep your valuable tools and small parts secure in our exclusive Lock ‘N Latch drawers! We have drawer units available in a number of different sizes and shapes to meet your needs. Or, utilize the floor space by inserting reinforced floor drawers along the bottom of your upfit.

Other Storage

Storage modules combine shelving, drawers, and cabinets to maximize the organizational capabilities of your walk-in van. File storage is available to keep all of your customer paperwork, catalogs, and more neat and tidy.


Add a blue bin system to keep your cargo organized on shelves or consider adding trade-specific accessories like tank racks or cable reel holders. Browse all walk-in van accessories.

Ladder Keeper

Keep your ladder secure on the ceiling of your walk-in van with an innovative Ladder Keeper from Adrian Steel. The Ladder Keeper can accommodate ladders up to 8ft long, and even longer ladders with the LKX extension.

Interior Trade Packages

Professionals who work in specialized trades, such as PHVAC technicians, locksmiths, and many others, may have different needs when it comes to their work vehicles. Adrian Steel has crafted several trade-specific upfit packages designed to meet the needs of various professionals.

Get Your Walk-In Van Upfitted Today!

At Adrian Steel, we only produce the highest quality cargo management solutions. Customize the interior of your walk-in van with the storage solutions you need. Find a distributor near you to get started today!


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