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Trade Packages Maximize the Space Inside your Cargo Trailer

Turn to Adrian Steel for ideas on how to best maximize the space inside your cargo trailer. Trade packages are designed for different vocations, with trade specific equipment like tank racks and small parts storage. Trade packages are thought starters, designed to give you ideas to combine the Adrian Steel shelving, cabinets, drawers and modules that fit your specific needs.

  • Adjustable shelving is 60” high, 12” deep and comes in widths of 32”, 42” and 52”.  Easily add drawer units and locking door kits.
  • Drawer Components are essential for the storage of small parts and fasteners. DC Units are available in 6” and 12” widths, 12” deep and 12” high.
  • Locking Cabinets provide secure storage for jobsite tools. The compressed T-Handle does not protrude into the aisle.
  • Lock and Latch Drawer Units are great for storing those small parts and tools.
  • Lockable, deep drawer units store parts and can be used to create a workbench.
  • Masonite Work Bench Top measures 42” wide by 18” deep and provides a surface inside the trailer from which you can work.
  • Store ladders safe and dry inside the trailer and off the floor with the LK8 Ladder Keeper.


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