Turning Automotive Seating (TAS)

Lady in red van with turning passenger seat extending out of the vehicle for easy entry/exitFor some people in wheelchairs, a little extra maneuverability and a twist of the seat is all that is needed to get in and out of a van. Turning Automotive Seating offers just that!

Turning Automotive Seating, otherwise known as TAS, is a kit which can be installed into most vans and SUVs up to ten years old. It modifies the seat to enable it to swivel and tilt to assist in the entry and exit of the vehicle.

TAS enables a person in a wheelchair that has some mobility, to sit directly in the van. The wheelchair is then stowed in the back.

Van Products will install a TAS for you in your existing or new vehicle. In some cases, customers install a TAS as well as a wheelchair lift to provide the full range of mobility and comfort options. 

Equip Your Wheelchair Access Van with Turning Automotive Seating

Turning Automotive Seating is a helpful addition to any handicap access van. Its addition allows the passenger to ride comfortably in a van chair, while also freeing up the space that a wheelchair can take up.Guy on truck with turning passenger seat extending out of the vehicle for easy entry/exit

People who have handicap access vans that feature TAS typically can store the unused wheelchair out of the way in the back of the van.

Watch the video below to see Turning Automotive Seating in motion. You can also read about other handicap automotive seating options here.


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