Millennium Wheelchair Van Platform Lift

The Millennium Wheelchair Van Platform Lift is manufactured by industry leader, BraunAbility and features one of the strongest, most stable wheelchair platform lifts.

Fully hydraulic, the Millennium Wheelchair Van Platform Lift comes with fold/unfold and up/down cycles. A standard handheld control makes operation easy for wheelchair users and/or caregivers.

Other features of this wheelchair van platform lift include:

  • Can be installed on the side or rear doors of full-size wheelchair vans
  • Available in three size variations
  • Can accommodate a wide range of wheelchair/scooter sizes
  • Easy side-entry access in tight parking situations
View our inventory of side entry wheelchair vans, such as the: Dodge Grand Caravan XT, Toyota Sienna SE, Honda Odyssey SE, Chrysler Town & Country and more. We also offer a large inventory of rear entry wheelchair accessible vans, ranging from Honda to Chrysler to Toyota and more. Speak to one of our mobility specialists today about having a rear entry wheelchair platform lift or a side entry wheelchair platform lift installed on any of our handicapped vans.


Century Series Wheelchair Platform Lift

The BraunAbility Century Series Wheelchair Platform Lift is a practical solution to all of your personal mobility needs. The design of this wheelchair platform lift allows for installation in the side or rear doors of domestic, full-size vans.

With dual hydraulic lifting arms, the Century Series Wheelchair Platform Lift provides long lasting strength and dependability for your wheelchair or scooter.

The Century Series lifts are fully hydraulic in operation for both the fold/unfold and up/down cycles. Wheelchair platform lift operation is controlled by the standard hand-held control, the on-lift controls, or the optional remote control.

The Century Series is designed for installation in the side or rear doors of domestic full-size vans. To make transportation more comfortable, each lift features BraunAbility's Quiet Ride system to ensure the quietest possible riding environment.

Highlighted Features

  • Outboard Roll Stop The roll stop raises to a vertical position before the platform leaves the ground, offering additional safety.
  • Hand-Held Control This controls all lift functions and is also available with an optional remote control system.
  • Lift Arms Using hydraulic power, the lift arms offer safety and security with a lifting capacity of up to 750 pounds.

Braunability Vans: UVL Series Van Lift

The UVL, or Under Vehicle Lift®, offers an innovative solution to your personal mobility needs . With the mobility lift mounted underneath the vehicle, it remains out of sight and out of your way until needed. This means easy access, a clear side view and maximum interior space- something your friends and family will appreciate on every trip!

How it Works

The BraunAbility UVL Series mobility lifts are electric in operation for both the in/out cycle and the outboard roll stop. The up/down cycle is hydraulic in operation. All functions are controlled by the standard hand-held control or the optional remote control.

The UVL Series is designed for installation at the side door of domestic full-size vans. Installation of the UVL mobility lift requires modification to the van's drive shaft. Speak with one of our mobility experts for additional details on installing this lift on your side entry handicap van!

Braunability Vans: UVL Series Van Lift

Highlighted Features

  • Hydraulic Power Pack- The power pack features on-lift controls as well as a manual backup, allowing you to control the lift easily in the event of electrical failure.
  • Threshold Warning Plate- If the threshold warning plate is occupied when the lift platform is below vehicle floor level, lift operations will be prevented, and visual/audible warnings will sound.
  • Storage Compartment - The aluminum under-vehicle storage compartment is weather-resistant and protects the lift from harsh weather.

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