Back Up Cameras for Commercial Vehicles

Van Products proudly sells back up camera systems for trucks and other commercial vehicles. Due to their size, we know that commercial vehicles, trucks, and other large vehicles already have their own set of challenges when it comes to navigating the roadways. Having a high quality back-up camera system helps commercial drivers navigate the roads safer and smarter.

Benefits of Back-Up Camera Systems for Trucks

All of our back-up camera systems meet federal guidelines and safety standards. This includes displaying a 10-by-20-foot area directly behind your commercial vehicle as well as activating no more than 2 seconds after your vehicle is put into reverse.

Backup camera truck

Other benefits of back up camera systems include: 

  • Provides and unobstructed view of what is behind you
  • May help prevent accidents/injuries/death
  • Reduces blind spots
  • Makes it safer to hook up and tow trailers


Selecting a Back Up Camera System for Your Truck

Van Products offers competitive pricing for top rated back-up camera systems. When choosing a back up camera system for your truck or other commercial vehicle, you’ll want to consider the following:

The type of sensor used

Most back up camera systems utilize a CCD or CMOS sensor. The major difference between these types of sensors has to do with how they convert light. You’ll want to select the sensor based on what type of environment you drive in.

Viewing angle

Most back up camera systems offer a generous viewing angle. However, some back up camera systems offer a wider view.

Low light visibility

Some back up camera systems offer a clearer picture in low light settings compared to others, which can be important if you do a lot of night driving.


How easy is it to mount the back up camera system to your commercial vehicle or truck? While some back up camera systems are easy enough for DIYers, other back up camera systems may require professional installation.

Whether the back up camera system is wireless

Wireless back up camera systems may take significantly less time to install versus other back up camera systems.

Backup camera van


Backup Cameras for Vans

Van Products offers back up camera systems for all of our handicap vans. Have a regular van that you’d like to add a quality backup camera to? We handle that too.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), rearview video systems (RVS), also known as backup cameras, can help prevent backer crashes and protect more vulnerable populations - namely small children and the elderly. Backup camera van

At Van Products, we care about the safety of our customers, which is why every one of the handicap vans we sell comes with a built in backup camera system.

Backup cameras make it easier, safer, and more accessible for those with mobility issues to get behind the wheel.

In standard vans, rearview camera technology has the same added benefit of increasing visibility, preventing backovers and helping drivers better negotiate tight spaces.

Have additional questions about the backup camera systems we offer for handicap vans as well as regular vans? Browse the different types of back up cameras we offer, or give us a call: 919-863-1306. We look forward to upfitting your vehicle with one of our top-rated back up camera systems!

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