Tommy Gate Lift for Mercedes Sprinter

As specialists in the market of commercial upfits with over 40 years of experience, Van Products proudly brings their customers a wide variety of Tommy Gate lifts for Mercedes Sprinter vehicles to choose from.

As a high quality brand made in the United States, Tommy Gate is a leader in the commercial and industrial hydraulic lift industry. At Van Products, we proudly offer Tommy Gate lifts for Mercedes Sprinter vans in our catalogue.


Benefits of Tommy Gate lifts for your commercial vehicle

When loading and unloading goods from a commercial vehicle, Tommy Gate lifts for Mercedes Sprinter vans are especially useful in protecting both merchandise and your employee’s safety.

While most items under 150 pounds can be manually loaded or removed from your commercial vehicle by one or two able-bodied persons, anything heavier than this can put both movers and the equipment at risk.

Operating through a device that mechanically raises a platform off the rear of the truck or van, Tommy Gate lifts allow commercial vehicle drivers and delivery employees to unload heavy items safely and easily while reducing the risk of injury and avoiding costly damages in goods and merchandise.

Different Options for Different Requirements

Each business is different. Depending on the specific work you and your technicians do, there are several types of Tommy Gate lifts to choose from.

Tommy Gate lifts for Mercedes Sprinter vehicles we have in stock include:

  • Flatbed, stake and van series
  • Cargo van series
  • Lift and dump series
  • Pickup lift series
  • Railgate series
  • Service/Utility Body series

Our experts will guide you through selecting the proper liftgate package that contains the specific features you and your business require all while adjusting to your work needs.

Contact us today to find out more about the right Tommy Gate lift for your Mercedes Sprinter vehicles.

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