SpitzLift Portable Cranes for Vans

We’re making it easier than ever to move heavy items in and out of your van with SpitzLift portable lifting cranes – designed just for vans.

Take advantage of a uniquely designed lifting crane kit – built to be both sturdy and highly functional.

Lightweight, Portable Lifting Cranes Designed for Vans

Don’t be fooled by how lightweight this lifting crane is. It may be light, but it built to withstand some of the most heavy-duty jobs you’ve got.


The rugged, ergonomic design of the SpitzLift portable crane is corrosion resistant, durable and OSHA, ASME compliant. Easy to use and install, our portable lift cranes are safe and easy enough for just one person to operate.

The mount attaches to frame of your van, providing support and the ability to lift up to 600 lbs. Also included with this portable lifting crane kit is an Interior Stow Mount. The Interior Stow Mount allows the lifting crane to easily be folded, set aside, and/or stored out of sight.

DC Powered SpitzLift Portable Crane for Your Van

Safely and efficiently load heavy objects into your van with the 3-foot, DC-powered SpitzLift. This portable lifting crane comes standard for vans and is easy for a single person to set up on his/her own.

Inside of the kit is a quick connect wiring harness that attaches to the vehicle's battery.

Prevent Injuries; Keep Employees Saferemployee

Every SpitzLift portable lifting crane is load tested and designed specifically for vans.

Keep employees safer at work, prevent accidents, and get the lifting solution you need for your van out of every single application.


Side Door Mount for Additional Lifting Options

Every job is different. If you need to use the side door to load or unload heavy loads, the Side Door Kit is the perfect solution.

side van

Benefits of the Side Door Mount include:

  • Installs flush with the floor of the van
  • Attaches to the vehicle by clamping to the rail frame
  • Comes with a 3-foot DC-powered lift, which allows for clearance into the van
  • Max 500 lb lifting capacity

SpitzLift Rear Van Floor Mount

Need another option for to expand your lifting power? The SpitzLift Rear Van Floor Mount lifts up to 900 lbs.

Easily Disassemble & Store

When you purchase a SpitzLift portable lifting crane for your van, you can choose to leave it in place or quickly disassemble and store it to provide more working room within your van.

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