Portable Cranes for Platform Flatbed Trucks

Move heavy equipment onto and off of your platform flatbed truck with a portable crane from SpitzLift.

 The rugged, ergonomic design of our portable crane is corrosion resistant, durable and OSHA, ASME compliant. Easy to use and install, our portable lift cranes are safe and easy enough for just one person to operate.

 Keep employees safer at work, prevent accidents, and get the lifting solution you need for every single application.

 SpitzLift Platform Truck Kit

The SpitzLift Platform Truck Kit is designed to mount anywhere around the perimeter of your platform flatbed truck. Attach multiple mounts, and easily move the portable lift crane wherever you need assistance loading or unloading items.

The Platform Truck Kit comes with a 12 x12 inch Surface Plate Mount Kit and the necessary hardware to complete installation.

Portable & Payload Efficient

The SpitzLift is perfect for your flatbed truck’s payload requirements. Compared to others in the industry, SpitzLift has the only lightweight, portable crane that affords you minimal impact on the total weight of your platform flatbed truck.


Engineered and manufactured out of aircraft-grade aluminum, SpitzLift portable cranes meet countless of applications around the world, such as those used by the Department(s) of Transportation, various municipalities, and others.

SpitzLift portable cranes are designed with your platform flatbed truck in mind, allowing you to work smarter, safer, and more efficiently. With our portable crane, only one person is needed to load equipment versus two or three people. The result is work that gets accomplished faster and more efficiently, saving you time and money.


DC-Powered Portable Cranes for Platform Flatbed Trucks  

SpitzLift also offers a DC-powered portable crane for platform flatbed trucks. It has multiple applications and includes a quick connect wiring harness that attaches to your flatbed truck’s battery. Find out more by contacting us today. We are your leading manufacturer of lightweight, aluminum lifting solutions.

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