SpitzLift Portable Cranes for Pickup Trucks

The SpitzLift Pick-Up Kit was designed specifically for the unique, heavy-duty needs of your pickup truck. As a leader in the industry, our innovative, lightweight technology helps you and/or your team get more done with your pickup truck than ever before.

 DC-Powered SpitzLift for Pickup Trucks

 We are proud to offer a 3-foot or 4-foot, DC-powered SpitzLift portable crane for pickup trucks. This portable lift crane comes with a pivot tube adapter and can be left in place after setup or broken down and stored until the next time it is needed.

 Mount your portable lift crane on either the right or left side of your pickup truck. As an added benefit, our pickup truck lift cranes also rotates 360 degrees, giving you more flexibility to maneuver equipment safely.

 Features of Our Portable Lift Cranes for Pickup Trucks

 Order your portable lift crane with a DC power unit, or order it as a manual hoist. Our portable cranes are engineered and manufactured out of aircraft-grade aluminum, making them lightweight and easy to use. Our 4-foot DC-powered lift crane weighs less than 40 lbs. and can be safely handled by one person!

 Easy to Set Up

 We care about your safety and the safety of any employees who may be operating one of our portable lift cranes on their pickup trucks. This is why we created portable lift cranes for pickup trucks that are rugged, ergonomic in design and robust.


Our DC-powered SpitzLift comes with a quick connect wiring harness that attaches to your pickup truck’s battery. Additionally, each of our portable lift cranes is load tested and comes with a safe-working load test certificate.

 Avoid unnecessary workplace injuries and worker’s compensation claims with portable, adaptable lift cranes for pickup trucks – perfect for any application you might encounter.

 Each of our portable cranes are designed for the heavy-duty needs of your pickup truck, and it meets ASME / OSHA federal standards.

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