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Equip your vehicle’s cargo area with the best interior protection systems for commercial vehicles, offered by Legend Fleet Solutions.

With a special focus on interior liners, rigid flooring and rubber mats, all Legend Fleet products are made from high quality materials, with years of experience as leaders in the field. From their wide range of products and solutions, each one of them is adjusted and precut to be easily installed in every vehicle. 


Rigid Floors

A rigid floor adjusts the unevenness of factory steel floors by creating a flat working area with improved safety. All Legend Fleet Solutions are precut and custom adjusted to fit every vehicle. 


Fortified by glass fiber and built with the toughest proprietary blend of recycled products, Stabiligrip is the industry’s only dimensionally-stable, composite rigid flooring, offering maximum efficiency and safety, while protecting the floor from damage with its impact and puncture resistant design. 

grid with StabiliGrip rigid floor


For anti-slip options, Ultragrip’s composite HDPE plastic and rubberized TPO coating make it one of the best in the market. Built with non-porous characteristics, this flooring absorbs any type of liquid, helping eliminate the formation of mold and bacteria, while preserving the interior flooring of your fleet and keeping it safe and easy to clean. 

hd ultragrip grid rigid flooring


With its 100% recycled composite HDPE plastic, Ultrafloor is the most durable flooring in its class, able to resist a wide range of temperature conditions, cracks and split. It also features a non-porous surface to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria.


This extremely rigid half-inch thick 9-ply birch hardwood is coated top and bottom with a durable phenolic resin coating that makes it non-slip, as well as thermally stable. Its excellent pull strength makes it an excellent option when you need to fasten equipment to the floor. 

Rubber Mats

Maintain your vehicle’s surface integrity with Legend Fleet’s non-slip rubber flooring products available in two different rubber mats to adjust to your needs. 

Automat Bar

Made for extreme durability, this quarter-inch chemical and water resistant rubber mat provides excellent grip to reduce shifting cargo and a one-piece construction that allows an easy installation and removal. 


ArmorMat’s raised nylon reinforced rubber surface and fiber reinforcement allow it to resist the heaviest of cargo, and with its checker plate pattern there’s no need to worry about slipping, the surface holds its grip in even the most slippery conditions. 

Interior Liners

In order to protect everything inside your vehicle, not just the flooring, Legend Fleet Solutions includes a wide range of insulated van wall and ceiling liners to protect the sides and roofs of the vehicle, helping preserve its interior and exterior while reducing noise and providing a clean and neat appearance. 

Wall Liners 

DuraTherm liners for vehicle walls come with an added foam/foil insulation to the back of the panels to offer high quality protection for the sides of the van. This provides noise reduction and a thermal barrier, enabling more control over the interior climate while keeping a light weight to avoid higher fuel costs. 

Ceiling Liners

The same as wall liners, the DuraTherm technology protects the vehicle’s ceiling while keeping a stable temperature on the inside, making it the perfect interior liner product. Legend Fleet’s liners come pre cut and pre drilled in order to make the installment process easier.

Door Liners 

Dual polypropylene outer skins laminated to a central fluted plastic core, backed with foam and foil insulation offer the best possible protection for the interior of your vehicle, helping to keep it noise and temperature controlled while providing an easy installation process thanks to its precision-cut, pre-drilled, and lightweight presentation. 

Sill Plates

For keeping even the smallest areas of the inside of your vehicle protected, Legend Fleet’s sill plates are the product you’ve been looking for. 

Door Sills

The floor in the doorways is one of the areas that gets the most abuse, that’s why Legend Fleet offers high grade aluminum sills to protect the floor at the side and rear entrance to your vehicle.


Doorway Thresholds

To guarantee its durability, transit doorway thresholds can be made from 14 gauge steel, covered with a special vacuum sealed coating that makes it more resistant and non-slip, helping protect the entrance of your vehicle.

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