When your vehicle is also your workspace, you want it to be as efficient and safe as possible. At Van Products Commercial Upfits division we offer our customers top quality fleet upfit services to fit their specific commercial needs. 

The right provider can turn your fleet of vehicles into precisely what you need to get the job done, customized to the work that your company and its technicians do. 


Since 1974 Van Products has been handling the needs of commercial upfits for a wide variety of customers. Some of which include Duke Energy, Time Warner Cable and Baker Roofing. Van Products also works with local dealerships and their clients in need of commercial and personal upfits for their vehicles.

In working with Adrian Steel, one of the most trusted and reputable manufacturers in the industry, and working with vehicle brands such as Ford, Dodge, Nissan, GM and more, our clients trust our capacity to turn their work van into much more than just a work van. 

Not every job requires the same tools. We have designed full service packages to include bins, shelving, partitions, ladder racks and more. Each package takes into account the specific characteristics of each job function in order to provide the best possible on-wheels workspace.


Upfitting your fleet comes with a great series of advantages. A complete upfit is made up of a variety of different products that are professionally installed in your work vehicles to increase both safety and productivity.

Anything from van shelving to ladder racks, partitions, storage modules and countless accessories can be installed inside your commercial vehicles to offer an organized space where employees can find what they need quickly. This type of advanced organization will avoid the loss of inventory and parts.

By hiring our fleet upfit services you are protecting the value of the van. Installing add-ons such as interior liners or seat coverings, keep the interior of your vehicle safe from damage and work space accidents.

Your employees will appreciate having a safe space to do their job, with add ons such as ladder racks or anti slip floors. This will increase both employee and customer productivity and satisfaction.


Years of experience and research have turned Van Products’ fleet upfit solutions into a strong product line, offering a great range of high quality options that adjust to the specifics of both your vehicle and your profession. 

Contact us today to learn more about our fleet upfit services and the work we can do for your company. 

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