DC Power Adapters for Commercial Vehicles

Upfit your commercial vehicle with the latest and greatest in DC power adapters. At Van Products, we sell only the best brands of DC power adapters available, giving you the ability to stay charged, powered up and ready to work while you’re out on the road.

DC Power Adapters to Fit Your Needs

dc power adapter

Choose from standard DC power adapters to modified DC power adapter models. Most of the DC power adapters have the following features:

  • Power saving
  • Low noise designs (good for industrial/electric equipment, etc.)
  • High efficiency
  • And more!


Advantages of DC Power Adapters

  • Safety - All of the DC power adapters that we sell are designed with your safety in mind, and they meet all necessary safety standards.
  • Versatility - Choose the DC power adapter that best fits your business needs. Choose from different voltages, accessories, and more.
  • Reduced Heat - Many DC power adapters that are built today are built to reduce heat, which improves longevity and durability.


DC Power Adapters - Designed for Optimal Performance

Get a DC power adapter that works just as hard as you do. We have different designs and voltages for you to choose from, depending on how big the job is.

The last thing you want is to be at a job site without an adequate power supply. Our knowledgeable team members can help you select the DC power adapter that is best suited for your line of work. We also offer the option to have us install it for you.

Whether you’re upfitting one vehicle or an entire fleet, we have the best selection of DC power adapters to choose from as well as the technical expertise to make sure it gets installed correctly into your vehicle.

Contact Van Products today by calling 919-863-1306, and upfit your vehicle(s) with a high quality DC power adapter.

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