Conduit Holders & Aluminum Conduit Carriers

Transport all of your conduits, electric components, and pipes safely and securely with high quality conduit holders. Our conduit carriers are manufactured by Adrian Steel, and they easily attach to most ladder racks.

Conduit Carrier Features

Looking for a conduit holder? You’re in the right place! Van Products carries conduit holders and conduit carrier kits, designed for use with ladder racks, and more.

 Our conduit carrier kits offer both flexibility and durability to help you transport what you need when you need it. Browse our selection of conduit holders and conduit carrier kits, or speak to one of our team members to find out additional information on any of our conduit carrier features.


 Some of the featured conduit holders we offer include:

  • 10ft. Aluminum Conduit Carrier
  • 12ft. Aluminum Conduit Carrier
  • 4" PVC Conduit Carrier Kit
  • 6" PVC Conduit Carrier Kit

Features of our conduit carrier kits may include:

  • Padlock tab allows locking (padlock not included)
  • Cast aluminum door
  • Weather resistant rubber gasket
  • Includes 2 zinc-plated U-bolts and saddle brackets for easy mounting
  • Includes hardware kit and instruction sheet
  • End cap and saddle brackets
  • Zinc-plated U-bolts and hardware

We encourage you to browse our wide range of conduits, and conduit carriers. Contact Van Products for additional information about the types of conduit holders we offer.

Call us today at: 919-863-1306. We’ll be happy to upfit your vehicle(s) with a high quality aluminum conduit carrier or pvc conduit holder from industry leader, Adrian Steel!

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