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Van Products is proud to sell high quality truck caps from A.R.E. Truck Caps, one of the leading manufacturers of truck caps and toneau covers in the United States.

With more than 40 years of experience within the industry, A.R.E. has built a reputation for innovation and customer satisfaction. Browse our large inventory of truck caps, designed to fit your truck. Have questions, or unsure if a particular truck cap will fit? Contact one of our team members today by calling: 919-863-1306.

 See below to build your own custom A.R.E truck cap!


Truck Cap & Features

 The following are some of the A.R.E. truck caps we offer. We’ve also included a brief list of some of the features.

 Z Series

  • Front picture window
  • SV screen-vent side window
  • All glass rear door
  • Fabric headliner

 X Series

  • Sliding front window
  • F2 mitered half slider screened side window
  • X Series rear door features
  • 12-Volt dome light
  • Black palm handle
  • Fabric headliner

 Overland Series

  • Linear coating gives these truck caps a rugged look
  • Spray-on protective coating for high stress areas
  • Heavy duty rear door
  • Half-slider side windows
  • Painted to match
  • Two-tone off road design
  • Limited lifetime warranty

 CX Series

  • Front picture window
  • F2 mitered half slider screened side window
  • Single T-Lock heavy-duty rear doorwhite are truck caps

 MX Series

  • Front picture window
  • Front vista glass
  • F2 mitered half slider screened side window
  • Single T-Lock heavy-duty rear door

 V Series

  • Front picture window
  • Half slider screened side window
  • Single T-Lock heavy-duty rear door

 TW Series

  • Front picture window
  • Half slider screened side window
  • Single T-Lock heavy-duty rear door
  • Acts as a great truck camper shell, offering ample air flow
*Learn more about A.R.E. camper shells by contacting Van Products today. Speak to one of our team members about building your own A.R.E. camper shell.

 Classic Aluminum Series

  • Fully welded frame with tapered front and rear roof cage
  • .019 RCE textured aluminum exterior skin
  • aluminium truck capsMitered rear door with clear glass, gas props and standard lock
  • Mitered front picture window
  • Third brake light
  • Available in black, white and silver
  • Black trim with black insert 

A.R.E. Tonneau Covers

A.R.E. offers a wide selection of tonneau covers for your vehicle. Below is a list of some of the fiberglass and non-fiberglass tonneau covers we have. We can also help you customize your own A.R.E. tonneau cover.

Fiberglass Tonneau Covers

  • ATC fiberglass tonneau covers
  • Leer fiberglass tonneau covers
  • Century fiberglass tonneau covers

Non-fiberglass Tonneau Covers

  • Retracable covers
  • Plastic covers
  • Folding covers
  • Roll up covers
  • UnderCover LUX
  • UnderCover Elite
  • UnderCover Flex
  • UnderCover Classic

Truck Camper Shells

 A.R.E. camper shells are designed to fit your unique needs. Choose an A.R.E. camper shell with the following features:

  • Aerodynamic styling (for better fuel efficiency)
  • Convenient lock options
  • Matching OEM factory colors
  • And more

A.R.E. Tonneau Covers

In the market for an A.R.E Tonneau Cover? Shop our wide selection of Tonneau Covers today. Popular models include:

  • LSX Ultra Series
  • LSX Series
  • LSII Series
  • LT Series
  • 3DL Series


Truck Caps Designed to Fit!

Each of our truck caps are designed to fit your specific needs. Get more out of your A.R.E. truck with truck caps that protect your valuables from weather or possible theft. In addition to the standard features (listed above), you can also select other options, such as: interior light options, lock options, colors, and more.

Custom Build your very own A.R.E. Truck Cap NOW!

 1. Click the "Build Your Custom A.R.E. Cap" link below to build your custom A.R.E. truck cap.

 2. At the end of building your custom ARE Cap, you will reach "Step 5 Overview".

 3. Click the Blue "Save" link to save your Custom Build to your computer. 

 4. Click the "eMail" link below and send file to Your Local Van Products Upfitter to get a quote. 

Build Your Custom ARE Cap

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