Dodge Grand Caravan BraunAbility Entervan

As a minivan, the Dodge Grand Caravan is the chassis with the most conversion options, therefore the BraunAbility Entervan, its wheelchair van adaptation, presents itself as a highly adaptable mobility vehicle with a multitude of features that adjust to the needs and budget of every user. At Van Products, we proudly offer our customers this multi-feature van conversion.

Easy to operate and with spacious interior, the BraunAbility Entervan offers a one touch power entry and exit system that can be activated with its standard keychain remote along with power sliding side doors, a power ramp, and easily removable front seats that allow a wheelchair user to drive it or ride in the front passenger seat.

BraunAbility Entervan - A Multi-Feature Mobility Vehicle

As a mobility vehicle, the BraunAbility Entervan offers a myriad of features that adjust to each user’s specific needs, letting you choose between side and rear-entry options, both of which provide easy boarding due to a lightweight aluminum ramp that allows easy access for both wheelchair and scooter users and can be used manually in the case of power failure.

Its integrated “kneeling” system in which an actuator lowers the rear suspension while the door opening reduces the slope of the auto ramp provides extra help when boarding, while a wide variety of tie-down systems give the user the opportunity to choose the one that best suits them, from the standard floor-track and belt system to an optional retractable one, or even an automatic tie-down.

If you wish to enjoy the ride from the passenger seat, or better yet, drive the BraunAbility Entervan yourself, it’s as simple as unlocking the seat base and rolling the entire seat out of the van. In case there are passengers riding with you, an optional second-row folding seat offers additional seating while allowing space for wheelchair securement in the center of the van when folded.

As far as mobility vehicles go, the BraunAbility Entervan provides flexibility and adaptation, letting you adjust the riding experience to whatever suits you best. Contact Van Products today and learn more about this vehicle and the multiple customizations we are able to provide for it.

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