Portable Cranes for Enclosed Service Body Trucks

SpitzLift offers portable cranes for enclosed service body trucks. Get more work done in a fraction of the time with portable lift cranes designed specifically with your enclosed service body truck in mind.

At SpitzLift, we use innovative technology and a rugged, ergonomic design to keep people safe while moving heavy equipment into and out of their service trucks. Find out more about our portable lift cranes by calling today.

SpitzLift Enclosed Service Body Kit

The SpitzLift Enclosed Service Body Kit features a 10x12 inch surface plate mount that (when installed) sits flush with the floor of your enclosed service body truck.

Each of our Enclosed Service Body Kits comes with installation hardware and retro-fit-friendly mounts.

DC-powered, 3-foot SpitzLift

DC-Powered Portable Cranes for Enclosed Service Body Trucks

Our DC-powered, 3-foot SpitzLift is the standard portable lift crane for enclosed service body trucks. It comes with a quick connect wiring harness that attaches to your enclosed service body truck’s battery.

When it’s not in use, the portable lift crane can be folded and stowed, leaving your truck’s cargo space completely unobstructed.

Your Safety is Our Priority

At SpitzLift, each of our portable lift cranes is load tested, comes with a safe-working load test certificate, and meets ASME / OSHA federal standards.

We use innovative technology to help keep employees safe while operating heavy machinery. With a rugged, ergonomic design, our portable cranes are corrosion resistant, durable, and payload efficient making them adaptable for almost any application.

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