CIC Powerbox Truck Toolboxes

As an exclusive seller of CIC Powerbox, Van Products can help you transform your truck into a mobile workstation. The CIC Powerbox truck toolbox is an all-in-one toolbox that is truck-mounted and battery operated, offering up 110 volts of AC power, 125 PSI air power and 2,100 amps of jump starting power. 

Designed for the busy contractor/construction worker on the go, CIC Powerbox toolboxes offer an all-in-one solution that's ready whenever you are - from on-site jobs to roadside emergencies and more.

Check out the features of our CIC Powerbox products below.

CIC Powerbox Crossover


  • Saddle mounts for bed rails
  • Built-in 15 amp smart charger
  • Dual, independent locking mechanisms
  • External Anderson Connector for jump starting
  • 2 External AC outlets
  • 7 cubic feet of storage
  • 3 Receptacle cord wheel
  • 10 8” Military-grade cable ties
  • And more 

CIC Powerbox Chest


  • Available in polished aluminum or black powder coat upgrade
  • 1,500 lb rating security lid with lock bar
  • Polished Aluminum no-show in-bed-mounted CIC POWERBOX™ Chest with 4-hour battery
  • 2 gallon air reserve
  • 2 external AC outlets
  • Built-in 25’ retractable 3/8” 300 PSI max air hose with standard chuck coupler
  • 4 AWG 15’ jumper cables with carrying case
  • *Optional Contractor Upgrade
  • And more

CIC Powerbox Go Box


  • Single lock security lid
  • 2 Steel side mounted handles
  • 115-volt AC electrical power
  • 4,000-watt peak 2,000-watt continuous built-in inverter system
  • 2 Internal USB power ports
  • Built-in 5-amp float charger
  • 1 cubic foot of storage
  • And more

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For more than 12 years, CIC Powerboxes have earned a reputation of providing customers with rechargeable, reliable, convenient and commercial grade 115-volt AC electrical power, 2,100 cold cranking amps of boost jump start power, and 125 PSI compressed air power wherever and whenever needed.

As the authorized dealer for CIC Powerbox, Van Products proudly offer CIC Powerbox toolboxes for your truck as well as other commercial vehicles.

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