KlearVue Wheelchair Lift
The new KlearVue™ wheelchair lift from Ricon is the only wheelchair lift with a unique “fold-in-half” design. When the KlearVue™ lift is stowed, it provides an unobstructed view for the driver, helping to eliminate hazardous blind spots, allows a clear view for the passengers, and is virtually unseen from outside. Plus, because the Klearvue™ platform folds when stowed, no raised-roof modification for your personal vehicle is required – even when a long platform is necessary for larger wheelchairs and power scooters. Quiet and easy-to-maintain, the Klearvue™ is the wheelchair lift for you.
Clearway Wheelchair Lift
The patented Clearway™ wheelchair lift from Ricon gives new meaning to the term accessibility. The Clearway's™ fully automatic split platform folds up and out of the way at the push of a button, leaving the doorway clear. The Clearway’s™ strong steel frame and powerful hydraulic pump ensure a fast, secure means of entry and exit. When you add Ricon power door operators and remote controls, your Clearway™ can provide even more independent operation in your personal vehicle. Your entire family will find the Clearway™ convenient and easy to operate.


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